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For utilities

An opportunity for incremental revenue.

Optimize your customer opportunity. Drive incremental revenue and increase CSAT scores.

As a utility, you’re in a unique position to simplify the life of those moving or starting new electric services. A percentage of your footprint will move in a given year, and for most customers, the utility is their first call. Providing them a solution to enable their connected life will increase their life cycle value and your bottom line.

Acceller’s utility solution will allow you to add digital home services to your portfolio to drive incremental revenue while enhancing your customer’s experience. You need an agile and flexible platform that integrates easily with your business. A solution that can be customized and is quick to implement, with rapid ROI. A partnership that can grow with your business, supports you with marketing, reporting, analytics, advanced technology, and overall guidance.

We are your strategic fit. Partnering with us gives you technology and marketing insight at your fingertips. We are always one step ahead, helping you with the best marketing strategies and technology to support the partnership. We deliver a comprehensive, ongoing partnership development strategy. This lets us provide you with continual support and identification of valuable market opportunities. We work with you to make sure our partnership is a strategic fit on all accounts.

Leverage our platform and your customers.

Our platform is tailored to your business model. We bring a multi-channel package to the table that allows you to customize the user experience through online, retail, call center, mobile and tablet solutions.

Don’t try to adapt your business model for a partner – let us do the work for you. One size does not fit all when it comes to finding a solution to expand your portfolio and grow revenue.

We give you the ability to control the sale end-to-end or rely on our call center to close. Our platform can be merchandised to adapt to your requirements. We work with you to find the best solution for you and your customers. That means we implement our solution online, in your call center, in our call center, or a combination solut

How we are different.

We focus on the customer experience. We know your customer is your priority, so we work hard to make them ours. We understand that increasing the life cycle and satisfaction of your customers is instrumental to your business. As a utility, you’re in a unique position to simplify the life of those moving or starting new services.

Our focus is to enable consumers to live the connected life, which drives the way our solutions are tailored. We always keep your customer front of mind, and don’t sacrifice customer satisfaction.

When you partner with us, you can control the client relationship. The integrity of the customer experience is never jeopardized, and your satisfaction scores will improve. Developing engaged customers will drive lifetime value and the growth of your program.


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